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Ayna Queue Management System


Ayna Queue Management System for Companies
Modern hardware and software system for organizing services and distributing visitors in areas
The method of work:
When customers come to the service room where there is a device for selecting a service
(On the screen) and touch (the customer gets a ticket with his number
And other reference information. The next step for the client is to wait for a voice call by the system
Manage the role and a directory to navigate to its own window on the main dashboard.
A role management program from an institution where it can be installed on all standard equipment (hardware)
(Computers, screens, TV panels, information windows.) No special experience is required in those
The equipment is easy to purchase.
The system requires:
1) A server or a computer with reasonable specifications to serve as a server for the role system
AYNA provides a model for a floor system system that does not exceed the size of the brush and can be placed
Anywhere safe
2) Ticketing Machine:
Inna offers a model ticketing machine from our own design to take into consideration the design:
– Elegance in design
– Can be wooden or metal
– Touch screen
– Thermal printer not visible
– A design that allows access to any of the equipment inside it for the purposes of operation and dismantling
Maintenance and replacement
– Durable and non-shakeable or falling
– Includes internal locks to prevent movement of the equipment inside and ensure that they are positioned properly
3) Windows,Mac Or Android Devices for employee work
In addition, the INE Foundation offers a model that includes Android-based tabs for employee work instead
Use of the computer and Windows or Mac system to separate the functions of the employee on his machine
Personalization of its functions as a factor on the role system in addition to the ease of using the Android program
To manage the role
We need to download:
– Java
– Oracle JRE version higher than 1.7
– Java FX
Before installing, be sure to install MySQL 5.5 or later
The database encoding must be utf8
Usage Cases:
Normal frame
– Hospital reception line
– Automating medical examination in clinics
– Banks and private and public banks
– Government departments and any other places need to regulate the entry of customers
Capacity and flexibility of application and equipment
– Unlimited number of premises (for staff and services)
– Unlimited number of (motherboards, monitors)
– LED screens can be used. Where the system has the advantage of simply dealing with and modifying them
It allows the use of different LED screens from any manufacturer.
– Allows the use of computer monitors and TVs as monitors
– The possibility of increasing the functions and possibilities of the system by inserting and programming new plugins
– Access to all types of reports also by inserting Plugin
– The possibility of booking a pre-service appointment within the center or through the Internet
– Ability to collect statistics centrally from several branches on the Internet
– Easy installation of a customer even if it has simple equipment and components
Dashboard and Notification:
– Ability to play video on the motherboard
– Ability to create content on the home screen and customize display areas
As well as employee screens as they can be set using HTML5, CSS3, Java
– Animated text can be used on the home screen
– Invite the visitor by voice
– The possibility of communicating the employee voice with customers by providing a special plugin
– It is easy to configure the display and customize it in design to suit you
– The manager program offers many options to control the system with all its components very easily
– Unlimited number of rows related to visitors
– Connect and categorize users in multiple columns
– Additional column for waiting customers
Registration point:
– Provides an opportunity to give feedback about the service through a button on the screen
– An opportunity to obtain background information about the point of registration and printing
– Ability to write personal data while waiting
– Force the visitor to read important information before he gets the printed note
– The possibility of examining insurance for medical institutions
– Multilingual interface
– Rich potential to create the appropriate design
Employee Program:
– Intuitive interface for operator with ability to call, remove, postpone, redirect client
– The client can be redirected and then automatically returned to the previous service with a higher priority
– Ability to comment in writing about the customer to other employees when redirecting the client.
This simplifies dealing with one client by many employees.
– An opportunity to complete the work with the client by forwarding it to the list with the postponement
Specific status. This status can be changed as the customer continues to anticipate and is delayed. distance
So, the operator can call the client and continue to work with him.
– The employee can indicate the outcome of working with the client at the time of completion of work with him
– Provides the possibility of communication between the system administrator and the employee
– The possibility of priorities of the management of the work by the employee for himself if given authority in it
By the system administrator
Management and reporting:
– Few errors with the possibility of restoring the system state in case of power failure or
The program failed
– Ability to report web server
– Provides more than fifteen reports
– Ability to add new reports
– The possibility of prioritizing services
– Ability to prioritize, flexible management of priority by employees for themselves
– The system administrator can change the priority of any client
– Changing service priorities at peak hour without interruption
– Change the list of service processed for employees at rush hour without interruption
– Graphics module for the formation of screens and screens of employees and management of their contents
– The availability of the interface in multiple languages
Waiting Room Manager:
– Monitor status of queues
– Monitor cases of busy, working and free
– Check the regulations
– Management of frames
– Management of pre-registered services
– Queue for pre-registered visitors
–  Monitoring of Deferred and Blocked Users


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