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  • Ayna Places for MENA is a one stop service for MENA Market introducing all businesses with detailed information such as business address, contact info, Geo location on map, activities and latest hot deals and offers, making it easy for all to explore what’s going on in the local market and take advantage of all sales and deals.Users can explore the market by also searching nearby places based on their current location.On a daily basis, the application notifies users of the daily pharmacies on duty and helps find their location on the map and the directions.Many features are included in the app such as QR code reader for codes generated specifically for Ayna Places App.Business data and other details are accurate because they are retrieved directly from the local businesses.No time to waste, any subscribed business can send ads including images in a notification to all users of the application. Ads are limited to each user’s subscription package.This application is another dimension of AYNA services.

    For More Details Visit:  AynaPlaces.com

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