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What Were the Terms of the Master Settlement Agreement Quizlet

The Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) refers to a historic agreement reached in 1998 between the four largest tobacco companies in the United States and 46 state attorneys general. The settlement was reached after many years of litigation and aimed to resolve health-related concerns related to tobacco use.

The terms of the Master Settlement Agreement included:

1. Payments by tobacco companies: The four major tobacco companies agreed to pay approximately $206 billion over 25 years to be used for smoking prevention and cessation programs, public health initiatives, and other related programs.

2. Restrictions on advertising and marketing: Tobacco companies agreed to restrictions on advertising and marketing practices that would target youth. This includes limitations on product placement in television, movies, and other media.

3. Changes in packaging and labeling: Cigarette packaging and labeling requirements were modified, including mandatory health warnings on all cigarette packaging.

4. Establishment of the National Public Education Fund: A fund was established to provide funding for anti-smoking campaigns and to promote public education programs about the adverse health effects of tobacco use.

5. Restrictions on lobbying and political contributions: Tobacco companies agreed to limit their lobbying efforts and political contributions in support of tobacco control legislation.

6. Establishment of a monitoring body: The MSA established an independent monitoring body to ensure that tobacco companies were complying with the terms of the agreement.

In conclusion, the Master Settlement Agreement was a comprehensive settlement that aimed to address the health concerns related to tobacco use. It included significant payments by tobacco companies, restrictions on advertising and marketing, changes in packaging and labeling, and the establishment of a National Public Education Fund. The agreement was a significant milestone in the fight against smoking and has since led to several other initiatives aimed at reducing tobacco use and its associated health risks.

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