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Trans Pacific Trade Agreement Articles

The Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement, or TPP, has been a hot topic in international trade news for years. While the agreement was signed in February 2016, its future has been uncertain after the United States withdrew in 2017. However, the remaining countries have continued negotiations and recently signed a revised version called the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Here are a few articles on the agreement that you won`t want to miss.

1. “What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?” by BBC News

If you`re new to the TPP, this article is a great place to start. It covers the basics of the agreement, including who`s involved, what it aims to achieve, and why it`s been controversial. The article also includes a helpful timeline of the TPP`s history, from the first talks in 2005 to the signing of the CPTPP in March 2018.

2. “TPP trade deal talks move forward without U.S.” by Reuters

This article provides an update on the negotiations after the United States` withdrawal. It details the progress made by the remaining 11 countries involved, including the agreement to suspend some of the original TPP`s provisions that the U.S. had pushed for. The article also notes that some experts believe the revised agreement may have more political support in countries like Canada and Japan without the U.S. involved.

3. “Trans-Pacific Partnership countries move ahead with trade pact without U.S.” by The Globe and Mail

Similar to the Reuters article, this piece covers the negotiations after the U.S. left the agreement. However, it also delves a bit more into the potential impact of the CPTPP on Canada specifically. The article includes quotes from Canadian officials who say the CPTPP could open up new markets and reduce tariffs for Canadian businesses, but also acknowledges concerns from some industries about increased competition.

4. “RCEP vs. CPTPP: Is There Space for Both?” by The Diplomat

One interesting aspect of the TPP/CPTPP is that it`s not the only major trade agreement being negotiated in the Asia-Pacific region. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which includes many of the same countries as the CPTPP plus China and India, is also in the works. This article compares the two agreements and explores whether both can coexist. It includes insights from experts on the potential benefits and challenges of each agreement.

Whether you`re a business owner looking to expand your reach or a citizen curious about international trade, staying up-to-date on the TPP/CPTPP is important. These articles offer a range of perspectives on the agreement and its potential impact. Happy reading!

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