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Why Train?

Training is vital for the effective use of any software. Properly trained users will have increased productivity and will gain greater confidence with the software. It is a worthwhile investment to train new users to overcome their initial hesitancy and existing users to increase their depth of knowledge.

Who is it for?

Our Intermediate course has been designed by experts for anyone with a knowledge of ARCHICAD but who wishes to increase their depth of understanding of the tools and facilities in ARCHICAD which were not covered in the Essentials course.

Training Objectives

This course is full of tips and tricks and shows you the most productive ways to use all ARCHICAD’s tools. It will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to use the program quickly and effectively. The course will include a mixture of discussions, exercises and assessments to help trainees understand BIM and develop skills in ARCHICAD.


The objectives of the course are to ensure trainees understand:

  • Getting the most from ARCHICAD and the Building Information Model
  • The importance of establishing Office standards and procedures
  • Effective use of all ARCHICAD’s tools
  • Learning shortcuts and tricks to achieve greater productivity


Course Duration

9 hours (3 sessions)


Course Outline

  • Complex Profiles – exploring the possibilities and limitations.
  • Solid Element Operations – their uses and issues
  • Custom Panels – creation for windows doors and curtain walls
  • Custom Windows and Doors – how to create Library Objects
  • Curtain Walls – exploring the options for the many types
  • Attributes – managing attributes and creating and managing custom attributes for various uses
  • Master Layouts – setting up master
  • Layouts Revisions – mastering the use of the revision manager
  • Scheduling – configuring schemes to obtain the data required
  • Advanced Modelling Tools – effective use of Shell and Morph tools
  • Templates – the importance of an office template
  • Zones – their use from the outset of a project
  • Renovation – Understanding the renovation tool and filters Labels – Element labelling


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